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Executive/Custom Education Portfolio

Dr. Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee is a distinguished scholar and educator who has made significant contributions to both the academic and retail industries. With a strong focus on retail and consumer behavior, he has shared his expertise through a multitude of engaging presentations and talks at various prestigious conferences and organizations. Dr. Lee's presentations cover a wide range of topics, including visual merchandising, ethical issues in retail during the pandemic, virtual reality, customer-centric supply chains, and retail innovations. His dynamic speaking engagements reflect his commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering discussion within these fields. Dr. Lee's thought-provoking presentations have consistently demonstrated his dedication to enhancing our understanding of the complex dynamics in retail and consumer behavior.

Previous Partnerships
Hanyang University, Title: “Visual Merchandising: Our Story to Tell” [2022]
CANEX, Title: “Demystifying Retail” [2022]
Society of Marketing Advances, Title: “Teaching into Scholarship: Publishing Pedagogical Research” [2022]
Canadian Centre for Ethics & Corporate Policy / TRSM, Title: Ethical Issues in Retailing during the Pandemic” [2021]
EntrepreNorth (Advancing Indigenous Business Practice), Title: “Customer-Centric Retailing” [2021]
ITC International Fashion Forum: Digital Fashion and Virtuality (HK Polytechnic U.), Title: “Virtual Products as an Extension or Presentation of My Body” [2020]
Supply Chain Management Association, Title: “Customer-Centric Supply Chain” [2020]
McMaster Campus Bookstore, Title: “Bookstore Revolution” [2019]
Bob Ramsay Breakfast Series, Title: “Virtual Reality: Pandora’s Box or Paradox” [2019]
Supply Chain Management Association, Title: “Espousing an Unconventional Lens” [2019]
Vend, Title: “Retail: People & Products” [2018]
Home Depot, Title: “Understanding Consumers and Best Visual Merchandising Practices Part III” [2018]
Seoul National U: College of Human Ecology, Title: “Critical Evaluation of VR Technology for the Retail Industry” [2018]
International Council of Shopping Centers & Canadian Retail Research Seminar, Title: “Retail Innovations” (Panelist) [2018]
Home Depot, Title: “Understanding Consumers and Best Visual Merchandising Practices Part II” [2018]
School of Journalism, Toronto Metropolitan U, Title: “Persuasion and Influence: Sales Pitch” [2016]
AR/VR Mixer, Toronto Metropolitan U, Title: “Impact of Virtual Reality Tourism and Its Application” [2016]
Seoul National University: College of Human Ecology, Title: “The Role of Social Networks on Influence, Perceptions, and Information” [2016]
Business Diversity and Leadership Alliance, Colorado State U, Title: “Stop Working So Hard” [2015]
Global Business Network, Colorado State U, Title: “Behind the Scenes in Student Stereotypes” [2014]
Trisakti University, Title: “Services Marketing” [2013]
Viaero Wireless, Title: “Consumer Dilemma: Consumer Psychology in the Wireless Industry” [2013]
Alumni Association, Colorado State U, Title: “Guerilla Social Marketing” [2012]
Encite International, Title: “Make Friends, Not Just Consumers” [2010]
Enwin Utilities, Title: “Are you with IT? Overcoming Cross-Generational Boundaries” [2009]
Home Depot, Title: “Understanding Consumers and Best Visual Merchandising Practices Part I” [2017]
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